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"The goal is not to run a program. ' The goal is to learn how to function as an extended family on mission."
Mike Breen

Anthem House Missional Communities are groups of individual families who have made the decision to live together as an extended family in the rhythm of up, in, and out. They spend time up in worship with the Father, in, in community with one another, and out in service to the world around them. 

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Love the Father 

Jesus spent large quantities of time with his father, teaching us to value uninterrupted space with the Father as well. Worship is essential in every community because it is the connection with him that produces the fruit of Gospel-driven relationships. MC's at Anthem spend time up in worship with the Father on a regular basis. It looks different for each group, but the fruit of their worship produces unity, intimacy, and grace. 


Love each other

Jesus also spent time in relationship with his disciples. These were the connections he intentionally pursued. As they spent time together, both personally and as a family. Anthem MC's will also equally pursue time together as a family. This time will look different depending on the family and the resources of the family.  Their time in community increases the already developing unity, intimacy, and grace. 


Love your neighbor

Finally, Jesus and his disciples also spent time in the community around them. The Gospel is a message that is most powerful when demostrated. The Good News of Jesus makes a significant impact on all whom it encounters. The Good News is practical and personal. It points to the Father and his love. MC's at Anthem live lives of surrender and service to the community. They regularly create space for people to come near. 

Interested in joining a House Church...

House Churches are both organized and organic. That means Anthem House launches missional communities as well as the individual families who call Anthem their home. If you are looking to join our families on mission or interested in starting your own house church please email Kristan Dooley. 

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