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Designated Wednesdays from 6-7:30 pm. For more information contact Kristan Dooley at 

"Cheap grace is to hear the gospel preached as follows: Of course you have sinned, but now everything is forgiven, so you can stay as you are and enjoy the consolations of forgiveness. The main defect of such a proclamation is that it contains no demand for discipleship."

Deitrich Bonhoeffer

Middle School Discipleship 

14 weeks 

no materials needed 

If you are a middle school student looking for a place to belong this is the place to start.  Middle School discipleship will look just like that. It will focus on creating a safe space for our middle school students as well as conversation that will empower them to step closer to Jesus and their Gospel family. 

Learning to Follow (year 1 discipleship) 

Part 1 and 2: paradigms and posture (part 3 and 4 will be hosted in the fall midweek sprint)

14 weeks 

Supplies: $30 Discipleship Journey Workbook 

Discipleship is about spending time with Jesus, to learn from Jesus, how to be like Jesus. The year 1 discipleship content will take you through the 4 P’s: paradigm (what you see), posture (how you stand), practice (how you serve), and presence (how you soar). Within these 4 p’s you will learn the language and tools Anthem uses for discipleship: grace and truth, word, works, and wants, the identity triangle, the kairos graph. 

Discovery Bible Reading 

14 weeks 

Supplies: Bible, notebook

A simple effective reading plan—whatever your knowledge or experience of Jesus. Friends meet to read the story of the Bible and discuss these 5 questions. 

  1. What is new?

  2. What surprises you?

  3. What don’t you understand?

  4. What will you obey or apply?

  5. What will you share with someone this

Learning to Live Like Jesus (year 2 discipleship) 

By: Kristan Dooley 

Life is a journey, or a race, as Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians. If we are called to run the race that is life, then we are goign to have to train. No one shows up for a marathon and expects to complete the entire thing without any training. Jesus came with a mission and the way he carried out his mission is important. He was fruitful and postured all the way to the cross. If that is a reflection of the life we've been called to live, then it means that regardless of the circumstances around us we can live abundantly fruitful because of what is within us. This type of life long fruit only comes with practice. The practices of Jesus are important. They are the things that fed him, rested him, strengthened him, and steadied him. THe point of the race that is yoru life is not just to complete it. It is to run it in such a way that youa re not aimlessly boxing the air, but moving forward with purpose and intention. The year 2 discipelship journey will help us hone in on the practices of Jesus. Studying and implementing His practices will help stabilize and strengthen our posture

Anthem Kids - The Practices of Jesus 

14 weeks 

no materials needed

Kids will get the opportunity to study Jesus’ life from beginning to end through interactive games, activities, small group discussions and more to get a better understanding of who Jesus is and why we can trust him as our Savior.


Available for children ages 0-4. Cost is $5 per child. 

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