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Discipleship is the journey of becoming more like Jesus. A.W. Tozer says, "it's spending time with Jesus, to learn from Jesus, how to be like Jesus." When Jesus left he issued one mandate, "go and make disciples." If there is ever any question, what we are called to do as sons and daughters in the kingdom of God, we can fall back to discipleship. We have three pathways to discipleship at Anthem House; huddles, missional communities, and family dinner. These three pathways sometimes overlap and sometimes they don't. The journey of discipleship starts anywhere. No one place is better than the other as long as it starts. 



Maturity is your destiny. From the moment you surrender your life to Jesus, you have the invitation to become more and more like Jesus. 

House Church


Mission is your calling. The world is looking for the redemption you have found. God is the hero and you get to share him through sacrifice and service. 

Family Dinner


God came to restore and redeem the family. One of the ways family is formed is over food and fellowship. When we make time to eat together, something happens. 

“The devil himself desires nothing more than this, that the people of any place should be half-awakened and then left to themselves to fall asleep again.
   ~ John Wesley


Huddles, house church, and family dinners are happening around us all the time.  If you are interested in being a part of or starting your own please contact Kristan Dooley 

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