Sons and Daughters of the King


Middle School

Who: 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students

Where: Anthem House Church 

When: Sunday 10:30am

Leader: Cathy Glassmayer 



Middle School is weird. You're no longer a kid, but you're still not an adult. There are feelings and pimples and hair and body odor and just weird things all around.  We get that.  And we actually celebrate it! Instead of trying to fit middle schoolers into a box, we've learned to embrace them in their reality, to communicate grace and truth and to go deep in relationship. Middle School is the perfect time to learn dependence on Jesus. 


High School

Who: 9-12th grade students

Where: Anthem House Church

When: TBD

Leaders: Ty and Liz Singleton



The truth is over half of teenagers who have grown up in church walk away from the church when they get out on their own. It's not surprising when we see students who have yet to develop their own relationship with the Father go out on their own only to struggle now that mom and dad and church as they know it aren't around anymore. The secret of those who make it is real, authentic relationship. Ears to hear and eyes to see. We believe high school is the time to develop the skills to recognize and respond to the voice of the Father.  It is the time to go deep and get strong. High School is the perfect time to solidify dependence on Jesus. For information on anything please contact the above email. 


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7974 Barrett Road

West, Chester, Ohio 





Service time: Sunday 10:30am

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