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Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them was written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.


John 21:25


The thing about compelling stories is there is always more to them than what is shared, and often times we find the back stories are more fascinating than the main one.  This is consistent with the story of Anthem House Church.  Here are some things everyone should know about us: we are young AND we are old AND everything in between; we are existing AND brand new; we started as many separate things AND became one; we are trying to do something original AND honor something ancient.  Our story is the essence of paradox, and we experience God by embracing the tension of AND.  


At Anthem House Church we believe God is the ultimate story writer and He's invited us to participate in the redemption story He's written for the world.  Of all the ways He could have rebuilt His story He chose to do it through discipleship. Dallas Willard defines discipleship as, "spending time with Jesus, to learn from Jesus, how to be like Jesus." So that's what we are doing. The best way we knew how to make disciples is to gather families and follow Jesus together. It's our role in His story of rescue and redemption and the great commission fulfilled in our lives. Only God could bring us together on this path and in this way. It's a story we will tell our grandchildren one day.  Instead of trying to write down the whole story, which is impossible for us to capture anyway, we would rather you join us and hear our story so you would know us, AND we would be given the chance to know you by your stories.  

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