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This is our story...

We are mothers and fathers, raising sons and daughters, to become mothers and fathers. 

Our version of "church" looks a little chaotic because it looks like family. We gather on Sunday as an extension from all the ways we've gathered throughout the week. Functional families operate in rhythm. They spend time together in fellowship, they spend time eating, talking, processing. They even spend time fighting. The best families are the ones who can't fight with one another, but also rally to fight for one another. Jesus came to redeem what it meant for the church to live together. He is most seen through the redeemed family of God. Family takes time and dedication to develop, especially when we've all come together from different backgrounds and experiences.  The first five years of our family, we moved five different times until we landed in our permanent home off Barrett Rd. in West Chester, Ohio. It is our dream to put down even deeper roots in our hometown. To find more sons and daughters, and raise them up to be mothers and fathers who can help us show the world the redeemed family of God. 

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