Each week we worship God together. Worship reminds us of His amazing grace and love poured out through Jesus into our hearts by his Spirit. Sunday gatherings are a time for sharing stories of his love and grace and how He’s impacting our community in and through Anthem House Church. When we hear God's word preached to empower the people of God . Every week we provide opportunities to receive prayer if needed.


Sundays are a time to remember how His truth has changed our lives. We firmly believe, our street address is just a building. It’s when people gather you find the church! Sunday's also represents the least of what we do together as family living life together. 

One thing you will notice about our Sunday gatherings, we do worship in the round. We believe our invitation is to gather around one thing; not a sermon or a preacher, not a worship team or artist; the presence of God. All of Israel gathered around the presence, they saw the fire by night and the cloud by day. They followed him when he moved and camped around him when he rested. In our family, we pivot from the center out. 

Service Time

Sunday 10:30am