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Our team

Anthem isn’t run by one individual. We work more like family. A group of people who have come together to do the will of the Father. Our team meets together weekly to carry out the responsibilities of our family, but more than that they work to distribute and decentralize their leadership. As we spread out, we expand our opportunity to experience the Gospel already at work in our community. 

house church

The Kingdom Looks Like Family

House Churches

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

At Anthem we are a church of house churches. A network of fully functioning house churches under the direction and leadership of one larger church. 

We believe Sunday mornings is meant to be the place we come together and celebrate what God has done all week in and through our families as they gathered together. 

House Churches are led by House Church Pastors. They span the ages and generations in an effort to make disciples who look, live, and love like Jesus. Anthem House House Churches practice the rhythm of up, in, and out. They spend time up in worship, in, in discipleship, and out in service to the world. 


House Churches are spiritual families 

Most churches are geared to create friendships. House Church is the way we create family.  The Kingdom of God looks like family. Mother’s and Father’s raising son’s and daughter’s to become mother’s and father’s. Biology is not required. 

The Church of God (Anderson, Indiana), also called the Church of God Ministries, is an international holiness Christian denomination with roots in Wesleyan-Arminianism and also in the restorationist traditions. Anthem House Church is a part of the Church of God family. 

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