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Alton Alexander


Kristan Dooley


Kristan Dooley 

Discipleship Pastor 


With 20 years of ministry experience, Kristan will tell you the thing she is most passionate about is discipleship. All of the roads that lead to people growing in their faith are paved with discipleship. As an original core team member, Kristan has helped lay the foundation of discipleship at Anthem through Huddles, Missional Communities, and Bible Reading. She is a discipleship coach and content developer for The Kingdom Dreams Initiative and a published author. Kristan and her husband Dave have been married for 20 years and have two daughters, Ella and Addilyn. In her free time you might find Kristan on the soccer field, at a dance competition or out on the lake with the family. To learn more about Kristan or find her books visit her website

Alton Alexander 

Lead Pastor 


Alton has invested in the lives of hundreds of people for over 20 years. Armed with a radical gift of encouragement, Alton is passionate about helping this generation know that they are the beloved of God. He believes that an empowered and united community of faith has no limit to what God can do here on the earth. The vision of Anthem was birthed in Alton’s heart after years of working in different mega churches and feeling the conviction to invest in the discipling of people over processes and productions. He and his wife, Holley have been married for 25 years, have three adult children, and one still at home. In Alton’s free time, depending on the season, you will either find him out on the slopes or surfing behind a boat. 


Jaime Piening

Jaime Piening

Children's Pastor

Jaime and her family have been a part of Anthem since day one. When the dream was just a few people sitting around a table, Jaime, her husband Dan, and their three kids, Elle, Daniel, and Cami were there. Jaime has 20 plus years of experience working with children in ministry, educational, and medical settings. She is a great example of why children's ministry is so important. As a kindergartener, Jaime gave her life to Jesus one morning in a Sunday School class. Her desire is for each child to hear the gospel and come to know the love of the Father through their participation in Anthem House Kids ministry. She and Dan met doing student ministries and have been married for 15 years. In Jaime's free time you might find her reading books, working out, or spending time with her family.

There are many people in our family who carry responsibilities and operate in a level of leadership and servanthood that enables us to do all the things we get to do. To introduce all of them on one page would be impossible. We believe we are the priesthood of all believers (1 Peter 2:4) and that everyone has been called to contribute to the growing of the Kingdom. Here are a few people who help manage our family in a larger context. 


Juli Smith,
Prayer Pastor


Juli Smith is the Prayer Pastor at Anthem. Prayer and worship before God is her life’s greatest pursuit. She has over a decade of experience as a: coach, teacher, trainer, pastor, chaplain, administrator, spouse,  entrepreneur, and leader. Juli desires to equip people to live life in a way that embraces all God has called them to be. Juli has passions for such things as the pursuit of God’s presence, seeing worship reach new heavenly realms, dream and interpretation, healings, and living a prophetic lifestyle. Juli with her husband Jeff Smith have three adult children: Tiarra, Sara, and Alexander. In Juli’s free time you might find her Creating, going to sporting events, hiking, flying, riding bikes, and spending time with her family. 


Katie Shannon,

 Office Administration


As the Anthem family has grown, so has the work of keeping the family in tact. Katie fills the  role of administrator around the table. She has a natural ability to see the details and clearly communicate the path necessary to reach the end goal. Her consistency enables the creative team to bring organic materials into play in an organized and understandable way. 

Katie and her husband, Doug, have been married for 15 years and have three amazing kids, Alex, Olivia, and Addie. In Katie’s free time you would likely find her hiking, reading or putting together her newest flower arrangement.


David Smith,
Middle School Students

Dave has worked in student ministry almost all of his adult life (which is a lot!) All his work has been done specifically in middle school. His passion is teaching students to know their identity in Christ. His goal in middle school is to lead students to a place where they identify fully with the God who created them and not just the brand of shoes they happen to be wearing. David spent 21 years serving in students ministries at his last church until his family felt God calling them to help plant Anthem. They have been here from the beginning, helping to build a foundation for our students and their families. David and His wife, Genevieve have been married 27 years and have two adult children, a daughter in-law, and one son still at home. In Dave’s free time you would probably find him at his cabin in the woods or out playing hockey. 

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