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Discipleship at Anthem

Discipleship is not one size fits all. At Anthem, we have multiple ways to plug in to discipleship groups to fit the needs of our family: House Church, Discipleship Huddles, Students Ministry, Kids Ministry, and Women's Ministry.

House Church

Our House Church families meet together once a week throughout our cities. They spend time together in community; eating, learning, worshiping, and growing.



Our middle school and high school students meet at various times on Sundays and have opportunities to serve during service or listen to the teaching alongside the adults.


Cultivate: Women's Ministry

Cultivate is the women’s ministry at Anthem. Our women aged high school and up find community in many different ways from the annual Cultivate Retreat every January to small events like CycleBar worship night and Discipleship One-Days.


Discipleship Huddles

Huddles take place all the time, all over the place. They are groups of people and leaders coming together for a certain amount of time with the intention of personal growth and formation.

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We believe there is no "Jr. Holy Spirit." At Anthem,
kids ministry focuses on teaching kids from 0-4th grade who God is, what Jesus did, and how they can listen for Holy Spirit regardless of their age.

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